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Steve Allen, Musician


I have known several great photographers in my time, and I found Anastasia to be inspired at that craft/art form. Timing is the essence, and she has a gift for pulling forth the essence in still images! (are they really that? ha) I hope to see you again and work with you more!

Roger Lewis.jpg

Roger Lewis, Musician


Everything was great! I especially liked the location!

Renard Poche BW_edited.jpg


I like Anastasia's professionalism. From the start she suggested that we meet for a consultation. In this meeting I got a clear understanding of what we were going to do and about how much time it would take. We tossed around ideas as to where we could do the session and she gave me ideas and suggestions of what would be most effective to wear. The day of the shooting I immediately felt very comfortable because of her friendly and warm personality. I appreciated that she was easy to talk to, a great listener, patient, instructive and often asked me if there was anything that I would like to do. When I received the photos I was blown away. The photos were sharp and crisp. The colors were vibrant with great use and manipulation of lighting. In addition to her technical skills her creativity and artistry are superb. She did angles and shots I wouldn't have imagined. I also like the way the post shoot interactions transpired. All and all the outcome was beyond my expectations. It was a fun and enjoyable experience from start to finish and I couldn't be happier with my choice to work with Anastasia.

Renard Porche, Musician


Natalia Kozina, Model


С Анастасией очень легко работать!) Мне все очень понравилось, сложилось хорошее впечатление, прекрасная съёмка отснятых фотографий) Результатом остались довольны. Все сделано, все выполнено, как и планировалось. Запечатлено столько эмоций, все самые яркие, сплошные улыбки и хорошее настроение, очень здорово! Позитивные, энергичные и действительно живые фотографии! Отдельное спасибо за помощь в позировании!) Обязательно обращусь еще!)

Johnny Angel.jpg

Johnny Angel, Musician


Anastasia is a breath of fresh air here in New Orleans. She actually PREPARES in depth her photo shoots. From the choice of colors...locations ..time of day and in my, boots. Hats, cowboy boots , accessories. guitars...and even the guitar case! This is an artist that THINKS...and can visualize her photos before she snaps the picture....and the results are truly amazing... She is easy going and puts her subject at ease...and before ya know it...ya got your boots off...dangling your bare feet over an alligator infested abandoned train track in the swamps of East New Orleans. If you are thinking of hiring a photographer....look no further than ANASTASIA....



Anastasia was very professional, friendly, and efficient. Our family really enjoyed our photo shoot. Thank you for helping us making memories.

Dolicia Hoskins, client

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