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Born and raised in Sakhalin Island, Far East of Russia, lived in Scotland (UK) and now settled in New Orleans (USA)!

As far as I remember myself - exploring and discovering were my best things to do!

Right, long story short. I am from 1984. I was the tallest girl in the class and did a lot of poetry reading at the performance society. I have won The Miss Sakhalin Beauty Contest in 1999 and did some modeling for hair salons.  I have an MA in Civil Law, and spent 4 years working on my PHD thesis. I have been exploring caves all over (speleology) for about 7 years, owned my own lake kayak for 4 summers. Snow is my love, I am snowboarding with passion since 15. My perfect date is a 5-h cross-country skiing trip ending  with a thermos of herbal tea. I ate a bear foot stew and slept in camping tents for a good half of my life. Back in Russia, I did an annual ice hole swimming during the coldest January frost period and celebration of Epiphany Day. I read a lot of books, mostly scientific. I could spend an entire day sewing a skirt or making a DYI photography backwall - what a fun! 

Worked in oil&gas industry for 10 years. Studying Buddhism and Qigong for 13 years. There is so much more I can tell, but I believe you get the idea who you are dealing with! I am a hands-on girl! 

I fell in love with photography exploring the wilderness of my home, Sakhalin Island – and, later, travelling around the world. Photography is my passion and profession, my best friend who I take very seriously through continuous studying and education. I am proud to be a student of New York Institute of Photography and other societies gathering photographers!


I live in New Orleans with my husband James and 2 little sons. 

Regards, Anastasia

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